Zentangle 101

Last Saturday I attended my dear friend and fellow sketcher Mabel Yap’s Zentangle 101 class.

“Zentangle”, a trademarked hybrid word combining “Zen”, and “tangle” (and perhaps “entangle”) created by founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, is, unlike random doodling or sketching, a focussed and mindful meditative way of drawing lines and forming patterns, and creating unique and abstract designs within a 3.5″ x 3.5″ piece of paper.

Mabel at the start of the workshop

My quick notes during the Zentangle 101 workshop, along with my very first Zentangle!

Show-and-tell with all the other Zentangles from the other workshop participants.

More of my Zentangle workshop notes

My 2nd Zentangle

All three of my Zentangles done during Mabel’s workshop

It was a nice lovely way to spend the afternoon, and I enjoyed the process of creating these intricate patterns and can definitely see the benefits of doing them whenever I feel the need to release some stress or enjoy a moment of quiet, inward, “getaway”. It is easy to learn and appreciate, and a great way to introduce art and meditation to those who might need either or both in their busy lives.

And as the Zentangle motto goes:

“Anything is possible… one stroke at a time”!



  1. Hi Edric my friend!
    It’s the first time i’ve seen your blog. I never knew about it until Mabel put the link on from her Zentangle class? Lovely photos and coverage of the class, and great support for our dear friend Mabel aka Tinkerbell! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and glad it was a success for her too.
    Thanks Edric, take care, bye for now,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Chris! Thank you for your comment, it’s the very first comment on my new blog! Haha!
      I decided to re-start blogging again just to give myself the opportunity to write a bit more about myself than what I typically post on Facebook.
      Mabel is indeed an angel, she has supported me in many ways too, so this is just the least I could do. 🙂


  2. You guys are wonderful friends!


    1. Thank you, Mabel, it is easy to be wonderful with you around!


  3. Ah – I realised your blog wasn’t appearing in my feed, so I re set it, and found my way! Great post – and the class looks brilliant. I know Mabel is going to do so well!


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