AEIOU Cafe – My First Sketch of 2015

For the past year, I had done very few sketches on location, and hardly joined any local Urban Sketchers events due to other commitments. I missed a lot of fun activities and meeting up with my artist friends.

So to start off this new year, I suggested lunch with a few of the sketchers at AEIOU Cafe’s soft launch opening.

AEIOU Cafe, located at 111, King George’s Avenue, Singapore 208559, is run by my friend Dennis Lau, a Kuching-born fashion designer who is also a fellow artist with many mutual friends. Together with business partner Joanna Fong, they wanted to start a cafe with an emphasis on natural and goodly living, serving delicious natural food and coffee, and with a cosy decor featuring “upcycled” furniture and materials, which are all available for purchase. Coincidentally, this specially-upgraded shophouse unit was formerly an antique shop.

It does not try to be “cool” or aim to be one of the ubiquitous “hipster” cafes that are popular around the area, but instead hopes to welcome all in with lots of colour, character, and a fun and friendly personality. Among the initial patrons were several young children, who seemed to find plenty entertainment within the space to keep them happy.

I ordered their Beef Cheek Pasta (S$24.90) which was succulently and tender and very flavourful, as well as a cup of Picolo “Little Latte” coffee (S$4.20), featuring special blends by their coffee specialist and friend Tony Tan. I rarely have my coffee without sugar, but since getting to know Tony and trying his blends, my taste for coffee has changed as well, and I could enjoy my cuppa without any need for additional sweetening.

Some of the sketchers left soon after lunch, and the rest of us stayed on to sketch the interior of the cafe. We couldn’t help but be drawn, so to speak, to the specially imported colourful metal animal sculptures by EEIEEIO perching at various corners.

I took my time with my unintentionally-but-increasingly detailed sketch, spending half the time chatting with other friends who dropped by at various times, making interesting new friends, and was one of the last to leave. All in all, a nice fruitful way to spend the New Year’s Day.

I’m looking forward to AEIOU Cafe’s official opening on the 11th January, 2015, when they will launch their complete food menu.

Meantime, find them on Facebook and Instagram under: “aeioulife” or clicking on the links here.

Do take a look at the photos of AEIOU Cafe and my sketch in this gallery…


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